„There are probably few people like Andrew Lorand, who can explain biodynamics with so much competence, so understandably and with so much livliness. He, who decides to go with him on this path, will find it incredible.” (J.U., Austria)



How does Biodynamics Work? Philosophy, Principles, Practices

My approach or my concept, is to assist you in grasping the overall philosophy, the key principles and the technical practices of biodynamics, so as to help you become capable of knowing why, when and how to apply what on your farm and thereby be able to make your farming decisions independently and with confidence.

Your independent, successful and efficient work with biodynamics is my primary goal. 


In order to help you built a solid foundation in biodynamics, we look carefully at four main points:

Concept Diagram English copy

1. Ecological Methods = Secure your farms fundamental health with solid, effective and efficient ecological-agricultural methods appropriate for your farm’s local conditions – based on a successful blend of: traditional methods, agro-ecological insights and the practical experiences of a broad array of ecological agriculture systems and practices.

2. Anthroposophical Understanding = Expand your concept and frame of reference by developing an anthroposophical understanding of nature, cosmos and the human being, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and other anthroposophical and biodynamic researchers, authors and agricultural practitioners.

3. Biodynamic Methods = Develop your biodynamic farm management through: (a) the principles and practices suggested in the Agriculture Course and related texts, (b) the experience of many biodynamic practitioners and (c) an understanding of anthroposophical medicine as it applies to agriculture.

4. Meditative Consciousness = We will discuss and if you are interested explore the possibilities of a self-guided, independent, non-dogmatic meditative practice to assist you to work authentically with the spiritual, to improve your farm management capacities and expand your social abilities.

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Some pictures from my practice:

Here is a good example of wood-fired cooking of stinging nettle tea.

DSC03873   DSC03869


Comparing humus that developed on the forest floor and humus from a compost pile:

DSC01178    DSC01179

Removing the horn-manure preparation:

DSC07089   DSC00893

Stirring preparations by hand…

DSC04014  DSC01658