“In many hours of continuing education, Andrew Lorand, who for me was the best biodynamic teacher, taught me how to concentrate on what is essential. He helped me acquire most of my biodynamic knowledge and was able to solidify what I already had learned before.” (A.D. Italy)


Good consulting is a fine mix of education, diagnostics and sensitive appreciation of the client’s wishes and needs.


(Discussing the finer points…)

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Spirit. Ethics. Ecology. Common Sense Farming Wisdom. Professionalism. 

Being a practitioner, I appreciate the need for practical farmers (no matter what kind of farm) to know specifically about the practical aspects of the biodynamic method in order to get a sense of whether or not they might be able to use such methods to enhance their existing practices. Therefore, we look carefully together at both the theory and practices in general – and the technical details are, of course, extremely important and a major focus. Additionally, the economic and social aspects are equally significant in our time and becoming increasingly so. Giving them appropriate attention is an integral part of our overall approach. Developing strategic and management plans that fit your farm and your goals is a very important step towards success with biodynamics, like with any business. I can help you with all of these aspects, to a degree, and point your towards resources and other individuals who can help you further.

However, the true beginning and end of biodynamics is really in your sense about the spiritual in nature and in yourself and in the cosmos. As anthroposophical agriculture, biodynamics takes not only its roots in Rudolf Steiner’s work, but as a system of farming it is concerned with working with the influence of spiritual forces at work in the soils, crops, animals and landscape. In our courses, we will learn about these in a straight forward way, in a quite simple and certainly not dogmatic or mystical fashion. In biodynamics, we take a very matter of fact approach to the spiritual.

Consulting for farms is a process and I approach it on an individual basis, focusing on you, your farm and your concerns. Often, this process starts with introductory courses, later adding technical training and coaching. The issue of diagnosing health and ill-health and how to restore optimal vitality and productivity – using biodynamic “therapies and remedies” – is our main concern and golden thread.

These three aspects: (1) courses, (2) technical training, and (3) diagnostics work well together to offer comprehensive support, individualised for your specific farm.

During an initial conversation, we discuss together your needs and wishes and what I might be able to offer you. This includes an open and transparent discussion of costs, timing, parameters, expectations – what I can and cannot do – and what your part is in the process. We create a plan together and proceed accordingly.

Here a few pictures from my consulting work. First: composting.

BD Composting 1   BD Composting 2

BD Cmposting 3  April 2007 (3) 28

Veggies Compost  Smelling compost

HUMUS  Biodynamics (misc) May 06, 2006 010

I also suggest (and help design) technical solutions fitted for your operations and biodynamics. Here two different kinds of ATV sprayers I suggested to clients for their particular farms.

ATV 1  ATV 3