“Andrew Lorand is unique in combining a deep understanding of the spiritual dimensions of biodynamics while having a rigorous, academic background in other western schools of agriculture, including permaculture and agroecology. While some of our biodynamic friends are content with the spiritual view of Steiner’s approach to agriculture, some of the best also yearn for a deeper more complex and more complete understanding of just how biodynamic agriculture fits into current paradigms of agricultural renewal and Andrew is exceptionally talented in this regard.” (T.L., California)


Introductory and advanced courses.

NEW!!! online courses: Take your first steps to knowledge about biodynamics wits us!

Since the mid 1980’s, I have been giving courses: introductory and advanced, specialised and technical. Some courses have been for individual farms and their co-workers, many for groups of farmers, gardeners or winemakers – and some for associations and agencies. I have also worked with various biodynamic associations, institutes and organisations in North America and Europe. It has been an incredible journey. I am over and again humbled by the incredible people working the land and seeking to do so ethically, ecologically and with spirit.

For many years, I developed and worked with “learning communities” – i.e. local or regional groups of 5 to 25 practitioners who met for at least a year, many for 2-3 and some for 5 years, regularly, usually 10 times a year (once a month for a day), allowing 2 months off for the harvest time. These learning communities were a wonderful way to work together on the subjects closest to the needs and wishes of the particular farmers and enabled us to also visit the individual farms together.

Many of these farms I also consulted for technically, during the same period – offering farm-specific diagnoses and suggesting specific remedies and therapies to enhance optimal health and productivity (please see my consulting page). Such learning communities were established in California, Oregon, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. I also offered multiple seminars in Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Portugal and shorter seminars or individual workshops in other countries and in many parts of North America as well.

Should you individually or with some of your colleagues (or your association) be interested in my unique approach to biodynamics as anthroposophical medicine for agriculture, please feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to serve you. My email link is on the right. I teach in English, German and French.


Dear friends

I hope you and your loved ones are well in good health and the company of good spirits,,,

I am unfortunately bedridden after a massive stroke last year which left me paralysed and in considerable pain…luckily for me I have an incredibly wonderful and loving wife who selflessly and with enormous dedication tends to me 24-7…and we have a good medical team: conventional-naturopathic and anthroposophical who have really helped me make progress. Under their guidance I went vegan lost a lot of weight and have been able to reverse my diabetes…current prognosis is very good for full recovery…and return to mobility and a pain free life….thank god….
Not one to give up on my sense of calling my wife and I created two online courses for biodynamics see:
but even though we have sold some courses to wineries who wanted them for their coworkers assistant winemakers even salespeople it has been a bit slow and as neither the wife or I can work outside the she cares for me and I am still paralysed… I  felt obliged to set up a fund raising site with give forward – please see link below- to help cover rent food and medical expenses…very generously a couple folks have already donated we have been touched…there is hope for humanity…
We have more online courses in planning incl. on bd viticulture and winemaking…keeping active..
wishing you a wondrous and wonderful season..
sincerely, with loving greetings from southern france:
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January 2015, I was invited and gave a series of workshops and seminars, in particular a rather comprehensive 5-day introduction to biodynamics for the Biodynamic Association of South Tirol (“Alto Adige in northern Italy), as well as a 2-day seminar on “Meditation for Farmers.” If you read German, you can read about it in detail here:



During the 2010 National Conference for Biodynamics in New York, I was asked to give three workshop: (1) Diagnosing Health and Illness on Farm, (2) Working with the Biodynamic Preparations, and (3) Meditation for Farmers and Gardeners. The write up they presented in advance, is reproduced below.


Diagnosing Health and Illness on the Farm. With Dr. Andrew Lorand  For practical farmers and gardeners, knowing how to diagnose what is healthy, what is not and what to do about it, is pretty much at the heart of the work. In this workshop, Andrew Lorand, one of the foremost biodynamic consultants in the world will introduce his unique “therapeutic” approach to agriculture. Starting from the perspective of biodynamics as “anthroposophical medicine for the earth,” Andrew will cover the basic principles of biodynamics and use practical examples from his many year’s experience to illuminate the therapies and remedies offered by biodynamics to support the health of plants, soil, animals and the whole farm organism. Participants will gain the tools to see nature with new eyes and apply biodynamic insights and methods creatively in the context of their own farms and gardens.

Working with the Biodynamic Preparations. With Dr. Andrew Lorand. This workshop will provide practical and spiritual perspectives on the purposes, meaning and applications of the biodynamic preparations — an overview from someone who has worked with the preparations for over 30 years.

Meditation for Farmers and Gardeners. With Dr. Andrew Lorand. Finding inner calm, focus and active reflection are basic elements for reasoned judgment and good decision-making. They are also the beginnings of an individualized meditative practice. Join us for a presentation on how to think about and go about starting a simple, successful meditative life, with special emphasis on gardening and farming and improving our relationship to the sensitive elements in nature.