„This kind of biodynamic schooling – with all ist background and practial information is no doubt unique in it’s depth, complexity and quality. It was and remains a revelation for me. Dr. Lorand has comprehensive knowledge of Rudolf Steiner and biodynamics – impressive and fascinating!” (T.T., France)



Viticulture and Oenology is also part of my practice.


In the vines

(Reflecting in the vines. 2014)

Like with any farm, biodynamic work with vineyards and wineries begins with conversations about your goals and the potential for biodynamics to enhance your vineyards health and productivity and the influence this work has on work load, methods and quality. Doing biodynamics with any type of farming takes considerable and exacting effort. In viticulture this is perhaps doubly true.

As a start in the process, I offer introductory and advanced courses (step-by-step theory and practice) for conversion to biodynamics and can offer these specific to viticulture and oenology. Both individualised technical instruction and diagnostic consultation can follow, depending on your needs. It is entirely possible, that the courses themselves will be enough to get you started down your biodynamic path. On the other hand, technical consulting from someone with considerable field and cellar experience with biodynamics can offer a variety of advantages.

The courses and consultations I offer, build on a lifetime relationship with the grapevine, with both vocational-technical AND academic training in the field, and a 25-year ongoing-specialisation in biodynamic viticulture and oenology.

My professional consulting work has been with dozens of successful wineries in California, Oregon, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Portugal – focusing on conversion and development with biodynamics for viticulture and winemaking.

I understand and honour your work and expertise. I know how much specific, local knowledge, technical know-how and years of practical experience it takes to create outstanding, healthy, spirited wines (and other grape products) – and even more so when working ecologically and biodynamically. We are all students of nature. As a consultant, I consider myself your guide and coach to biodynamics, but also your fellow student of nature and agriculture.

Working together, we will look carefully at the cycle of the year: post-harvest work, pruning, soil care, vine-specific fertilisation, cover-cropping, preventative and nutritive spray programs, the biodynamic teas and preps, how to improve handling of the disease-weed-pest cycle, the chronobiolgical questions, leafing systems, harvest timing, the whole fermentation process and more – naturally all from a biodynamic perspective. Site-specific diagnostics and if and when needed proscriptive suggestions can be an integral part of the educational and consulting process or you can choose to simply take courses with me and check-in with me occasionally.

We also can look at diverse product creation i.e. not just wine (or pomace brandies, spirits and liquors) , but also table grapes, grape juice, raisins, vinegar, grape seed oil and yet other products.

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